Frankenstein XX

Costume Design


Written by Genevieve Atkins
After Mary Shelley
Directed by Helena Dixon
Set Design - Grace Ulrich | Lighting Design - Georgie Wolfe | Makeup Design - Cat Cowie
Monash Uni Student Theatre 2017

Photography by Aleks Corke


“I hate beauty. It is hard to hate a thing I see everywhere.”

Geneva was a quiet little town, with a lake so calm and still you could just drown in it. It’s not quiet anymore. There has been a series of grisly unsolved murders. 
Only Frankenstein knows the truth. This truth has left her isolated - she has had to distance herself from anyone who ever cared about her. She waits, preparing herself, only she can put things right. 

MUST’s Frankenstein xx is a somewhat contemporary retelling of Shelley’s Gothic classic – with a feminist twist and just a touch of black comedy.