Vinegar Tom

Costume Design


by Caryl Churchill
Directed by Gina Dickson
Assistant Directed by Olivia Staaf
Set Design - Julia Kaddatz, Jason Lehane | Lighting Design - Georgie Wolfe | Makeup Design - Cat Cowie | Sound Design - Morgan Heenan
Monash Uni Student Theatre 2017

Photography by Pathana Rasa


Scapegoats. Witch Trials. Torture. Death. 

Caryl Churchill’s Vinegar Tom is a witty, but ultimately dark piece that examines the interplay of Gender and Power. This musical-play was inspired by the work of Bertholt Brecht and takes on elements of Epic Theatre.
17th Century England is no place for strange behaviour. Rising Puritan extremism and a resurgence of plague-era isolationism has created an air of tension and fear. 

No woman is safe. Hide your hats, hide your cats, lest you be named a witch.