Back to the First Year - O'show 2018

Costume & Makeup Design, in collaboration with Paris Balla


Written by Aleks Corke
Directed by Gina Dickson

Composition/Musical Direction by Sam Porter
Choreographer - Diane Pereira | Set Designer - Georgie Wolfe | Lighting Designer - Will Yates

Monash Uni Student Theatre 2018

Photography by Aleks Corke


Charge your portal guns, grab a sonic screwdriver and check your flux capacitor! This year’s MUST O Show is taking us to the Monash University for Interdimensional Beings. Rick, Morty and Summer find themselves trapped at this timey-wimey, alien-filled institution when a vital part of Rick’s Portal gun is stolen by none other than Doctor Who’s fast-talking arch-villain, Missy. Can they get it back before she destroys the whole University? Rick enlists the help of The Doctor, Doc Brown & Marty, and even a few daleks to travel through Space and Time and dismantle this dastardly plot.