ATAMA - Nihang

ATAMA - Nihang

My major project done in my final year of study at Temasek Poly School of Design. I was tasked to develop a brand and 5 Piece collection for said brand.

I decided to work on a brand with a concept that I could relate to. A social issue I take a very strong stand in is the oppression of minority cultures in Singapore.

I did a lot of research on racial issues in singapore and developed my own views from my findings.

Since youth were my target customer base, I also looked at popular opinions on social media

So I started to explore my own sikh culture and learnt about the rich history that I ignored and was ashamed of for years.

Since ATAMA was to be a brand built on empowerment, I decided i would base my collection on Nihang warriors.

Known for donning large elaborate turbans adorned with metallic elements, Nihangs are a renowned sect of warriors. I wanted my garments to take inspiration from the elaborate wrapping of these battle turbans and also their sheer volume and size.

So with my designs, the daunting appearance of these warriors is condensed and glamourized into a set of garments fitting for evening occasions. Each piece is made to be versatile; pair it with another from the collection for a more ethnic look or introduce a contemporary staple for a refreshing take on Indian eveningwear.



Lookbook shots taken by Huiwen Ong Modeled by Sonam Rai Styled and directed by me

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